Monkey Brittle: A Homemade Treat Turned Household Favorite

A picture of a family, two adults and two kids, sitting at their kitchen table eating monkey brittle

At Monkey Brittle, we're all about simple, delicious snacking.

It all started when our friend and raw food chef, Amy Sue, whipped up a treat we had never seen before: a batch of crunchy banana and nut brittle. It was irresistible, yet so simple. After watching our boys devour it, we thought, “This is something healthy that every person in a family can enjoy.” Inspired by its addictive flavor, and appeal to picky little eaters and adults alike, we set out to share this delectable treat with the world.

In the few spare moments between daycare drop-offs, nap times, and our day jobs, we found ourselves hard at work transforming our garage into a commercial kitchen, spotless enough to undergo the rigorous food safety inspections needed to sell commercially. We worked with a local designer to create packaging that reflects our commitment to quality, and soon our evenings were filled with peeling bananas and packing orders. Now Monkey Brittle is available at most Whole Foods, New Seasons, Metropolitan Market, and Market of Choice locations across the PNW, and we have a number of new retail partnerships we’re excited to announce soon!

Made from just three organic ingredients - bananas, tree nuts, and raisins - Monkey Brittle offers a crunchy, homemade taste that's a healthy alternative for your snacking urges. Our goal is simple: to provide tasty, wholesome treats that everyone can enjoy. Join us in savoring the goodness of Monkey Brittle - made with love, for you and your family.